During a dive trip to northern Sulawesi in 2007 SURG was impressed with the stainless steel pointers used by the dive guides. These were used to call other divers over by banging them on their tanks, for pointing out little creatures, and for avoiding touching the reef, by using the pointer to fend themselves off if pushed close by currents. As the cost of the pointers in Indonesia was steep - U$18 (at the time around R140), SURG decided to make some, and has tested them extensively in Cape Town water. We have found the pointer extremely useful, especially given our surgy conditions. It is perfect to keep off the reefs (hence the name "eco pointer" - with one you'll be less likely to damage the reef), and has come in very handy as a "monopod" for underwater photography. With it you can point at animals, including fish, without scaring them, and you can use it to delicately keep kelp from sweeping over that small nudibranch. Pushed into sand, it also makes a perfect anchor.

As it was more cost-effective to make several, a limited number are still available for sale at a mere R90.00 each. The pointer is 47cm long, made of high-grade stainless steel, and comes complete with a wrist loop and snap bolt.

Sold out for now (May 2011) - if demand is high enough I'll make some more.
Southwood Marine Clip-on Weights
Have you ever had the need for an extra bit of weight because you are using different equipment, but would prefer not to have to reshuffle your weight belt? Or needed to add some to a student whose middle name is "Bob"?

Many years ago Draeger came up with a clip-on belt weight which is still highly regarded by those who have them. It is an excellent piece of equipment, but expensive, costing over R100 in the 1980's.
I looked at one of these and thought it would be useful to have a similar weight which is cheap enough not to be a disaster if you lost it, so I designed a weight which can be clipped onto webbing with a loop of shock cord. The prototype was successful and a mould was designed and manufactured and the 1.5 kg production version is now available at R30.00 each, VAT included, excluding delivery costs.
The Clip-on weight can also be used as a cylinder or trim weight, as it can be can be clipped to any webbing or other strap of 50 mm or less width.

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