Helene Zsilavecz
Helene was born in Zambia and grew up on farms and boarding schools in Zimbabwe, only moving south to Cape Town after working for a few years and spending some time overseas. She started diving in 1998 out of pure curiousity, and did a few trips to warmer waters both within and outside South Africa.

In 2004 she acquired her first underwater camera, and quickly became interested in anything unusual, be it interesting patterns or different creatures. This has led her to discover a few new species, some of which are currently being described by scientists around the world.

She is married to Guido, and lives in Hout Bay in a very nice house with two very nice cats.

Areas dived within South Africa:
Cape Town, Gans Bay, Knysna Lagoon and Heads, Durban, Sodwana Bay.

Areas dived internationally
Mozambique (Ponta Malongane, Guinjata Bay), Egypt (Sinai: Dahab area), Indonesia (Sulawesi: Bunaken, Lembeh Straits; Bali (all around); Papua: Raja Ampat)
Photographic Contributions - Marine Guides
Zsilavecz, G. 2007. Nudibranchs of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay. Southern Underwater Research Group press.
Debelius, H & RH Kuiter. 2007. Nudibranchs of the World. Ikan-Unterwasserarchiv.
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