About SURG - Origins, Contributions and Members
Origins and Aims
Founded in 2004 by dedicated Cape Town divers Guido Zsilavecz and Peter Southwood, SURG's aim is to bridge the gap between the recreational diver and the scientific community. For more details click here.
Contributions to science
SURG, with the help of many divers, prides itself in contributing to science. Through SURG a number of new species have been discovered, of which some were subsequently described; rarities have been re-discovered and range extensions established. SURG also assists scientists from all over the world in their research trips, and provides help in scientific projects. For more details click here.
Guido Zsilavecz
Co-founder of SURG and Chief Naturalist, Guido started diving in 1989. He immediately took a liking to the underwater environment, and with camera in hand quickly developed a desire to identify everything seen and photographed. For more details click here.
Peter Southwood
Co-founder of SURG and Surveyor General, Peter started diving in 1983. He has attained CMAS 4-star diver, 3-star instructor and SADoL Class 3 commercial diving instructor qualifications. His main underwater interests are mapping the dive sites of Cape Town and recording the distribution of Cape Town's varied marine life, and developing simple, effective and rugged diving and research equipment. For more details click here.
Georgina Jones
A member of SURG and Senior Naturalist, Georgina started diving in 1990. She is a CMAS advanced nitrox diver and a Class IV scientific diver. She is fascinated by the biodiversity of Cape reef life. For more details click here.
Helene Zsilavecz
A member of SURG and Naturalist, Helene started diving in 1998. She took up underwater photography in 2004, and specialising in anything which looks interesting and unusual has led her to discover a number of new species, including an anemone and a nudibranch. For more details click here.