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Southern Underwater Research Group

where divers in the Cape Town region can share their knowledge and experience!


SURG is working on several dive guide books - by Cape Town divers for Cape Town divers! "Coastal Fishes of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay" and "Nudibranchs of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay" are available, and in production is the dive site guide, all covering only the Cape Peninsula and False Bay. Richly illustrated, and using information gathered over many years, these guides will enhance diving in Cape Town diving for novices and experts alike, be they locals or visitors!


Find out what has been found or seen recently in Cape Town's unique waters! Fish and other interesting animals are regularly brought in by eddies of the Agulhas current, or welled up from the depths by the south easterly winds. Our rich reefs are still revealing species which are unknown. All of this is of interest to science, and to you and me! Contributions are most welcome - send us your images!

Q and A

Can't identify it? Do you have an image? Send it to us and SURG will do its best to answer your query, relying on our knowledge, libraries, and connections within the scientific and research community. Answers will be posted here, so everybody can benefit from them. Don't be shy - there are no dumb questions - we won't forget we were once newbies to the underwater world too!


Longer articles on various topics of interest to all divers; from issues on the Cape's underwater environment to hints and tips on underwater digital photography. Contributions are always welcome, but will be peer reviewed to ensure high quality correct content, so that they add real value and give reliable information.


Help science! You can assist SURG and the scientific community by keeping your eyes open. There are a few specific items we are looking for, and it would be of great help if you let us know where and when you have seen it, especially if you can provide us with a photo. SURG will report back on the findings in the news section.