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Submissions for Questions and Answers, News, Articles or comments in general are welcome. If you find a mistake on this site, please let us know!

It is preferred if submissons are accompanied by photos where applicable, as descriptions may be inadequate or ambiguous. Any photos submitted retain the copyright of its author, and will be displayed as such. Please let us know in the submission if you wish not to have the photo or your name posted. We will confirm your choice. Please ensure that photos are 640x480 (or thereabout) jpegs only!

Please add as much information as possible about the photo you took:
  • Date
  • Location
  • Depth
  • Size/length
  • Environment (reef? kelp? sand?, etc.)
  • Did you see more than one?
  • If you saw more than one, were they close together?
  • Did you see it elsewhere (other divesites, for example?)
This type of information will help us with identification and broadens our knowledge! Don't worry though if you do not know, we will still try and answer your question!

Any submissions to SURG will be treated as confidential, and the information and personal details will not be revealed unless agreed upon by the submitter. We cannot pay for your submission.