Cape conger. Photo Carel v.d. Colff
Cape conger (Conger wilsoni) at Long Beach
The species name of this fish is uncertain - according to Coastal Fishes by Heemstra and Heemstra, it was known as C. wilsoni, but that the name is not valid.

According to this book the species is found in estuaries and on soft bottoms from shore down to 30m, yet most sightings seem to come from deep wrecks such as the General Botha. So while its sighting at Long Beach is thus very much within the right depth range, and possibly even bottom type (possibly too sandy at Long Beach), but it is certainly not common at all there - this being the first sighting we know off...
Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa, PC Heemstra and E Heemstra, 2004. Smiths' Sea Fishes, MM Smith and PC Heemstra, 1986
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