Natal shyshark. Photo Carel v.d. Colff
Tiger shyshark (Halaelurus natalensis) again at Long Beach
This small shyshark is not a common sight in Cape Town, although it has been seen a few times before, and then usually at Long Beach. The tiger catsharks known range is from Cape Agulhas to East London, but the literature tentatively states it may range as far as Saldanha.

The tiger catshark can be distinguished readily from the puffadder shyshark (Haploblepharus edwardsii) by having much bolder, well defined, bars along the body than the puffadder shyshark. The dark shyshark (Haploblepharus pictus) has even less bold markings than the puffadder shyshark, and thus cannot be mistaken for a tiger catshark.
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