Questions and Answers 2014
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Submitted 11 November and 1 December
Question by Carel v.d. Colff and Hellmut Berderow: Carel asks, "Is this a candelabra morph? Saw 2 of these nudi's at longbeach in super bad water. Think soup would be clearer. Is it a candelabra? 1st time I see it so red and the cerata is not very knobbly?", while Hellmut just requests identification.

I think both Carel and Hellmut, by pure chance, submitted the same species, from quite different locations, in the space of a month. I think it is Eubranchus sp.1, an undescribed species. For more details click here.
Submitted 16 August
Question by Carel v.d. Colff: We found this white version of a pleurobranch, could it be a dwarf? saw a couple of them all over longbeach, never saw the white ones before.
It could be that, but I'm not sure, given I'm not quite sure what to really look for...
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Submitted 12 May
Question by David Colyn: I saw this guy hiding in a hole beneath some red bait - I watched it for a while hoping it would reveal more of its body but no luck although it seems to look like some kind of eel - it was hiding in 'n 1 inch round hole so I base my body size assumptions on that beak size which is quite large.
The closest to an eel that I have seen in the Western Cape is hag fish - are there any more local species of eel?
This is indeed an eel - the serpent eel, an unusual, but not unknown species known to occur in the area.
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Submitted 12 May
Question by David Colyn: When I saw this sorry looking guy I thought he had a severe infestation of marine ich or he has been stung by an anemone.
He was sitting very still on the bottom among the sea urchins like he was about to die but when I tried to lift him out he swam away up into the kelp leaves faster than my eyes could follow him - definitely not sick.
Is this a Klipfish specie? I know they come in all sorts of color variants but this one had a special skin texture to go with it.
This is the kelp klipfish, and it actually looks like this! The colour may change, but the appearance is the same. For more details click here.
Submitted 14 April
Question by Carel v.d. Colff: Saw this guy at long beach yesterday, Probably a juvenile But what could it be?
It is a juvenile indeed - of the slender baardman, Umbrina robinsoni - and not the more commonly seen one, Umbrina canariensis For more details click here.
Submitted 14 April
Question by Carel v.d. Colff: Seen at longbeach yesterday. Is it Olive nudibranchs? The 2nd one looks like it got eggs?
This is indeed the olive nudibranch, Facelina olivacea, but those are not eggs. For more details click here.
Submitted 26 February
Question by Johan Swanepoel : Found in about 10 m and was 25 mm. Taken by my one buddy this morning. Could this be Plocamopherus?
No, this is Dendrodoris denisoni, a wide-ranging species. For more details click here.
Submitted 7 March
Question by Johan Swanepoel: My dive buddy Nicolet Fourie photographed them at Clippity Clop in Oos London.My first thought is Ceratosoma ingozi.Can it be perhaps Gymnodoris okinawae (Help I am guesing)???
This is indeed Ceratosoma ingozi, albeit a pale version. For more details click here.
Submitted 26 November 2013
Question by Peet van Eden: I am not good with colours. My wife says they are yellow knobs with orange rhinophores and spots. So are they orange knobbed nudibranchs or do you get yellow knobbed nudibranchs?
Nudibranchs are known to be variable, and in this species the "standard" orange can vary from yellow to red - so this colouration is not indicative of a different species, just of variation! For more details click here.