Pierre's Armina sp. with lunch.

Pierre's Armina sp.
All photos Guido Zsilavecz
Pierre's armina, Armina sp.
Pierre's armina is a species of nudibranch which lives on sandy plains, always close to purple sea pens, which are its food. Although it often burries under the sand, it has been seen freely crawling on the sand. The first and second photo show the nudibranch feeding on a sea pen. The length of the various individuals ranged from 4.5 to 7 cm. They were found on a flat, mostly featureless sandy plain, 400m offshore from Windmill, in 12 to 15 m depths. This is most likely to be an undescribed species.
It has only been seen offshore from Windmill and Boulders, but it is highly likely to occur anywhere the sea pens occur. SURG is trying to establish its range.
Please send your observations, preferably with a photo, to the editor at SURG.
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