Wanted: your assistance and observations!
Please let SURG know if you have seen any of the species shown on this page. Please include a photograph (if you have one), date, location, depth and environment you saw it in, as well as anything else you may think is of interest. Photographs are preferred as it eliminates identification errors. Please keep photos to 640x480 and saved as jpegs.

Send your information to the editor, at:

Added 4 July 2006
Bigscale scorpionfish. In 2004 the first bigscale scorpionfish was sighted in False Bay. Initially thought to be a visitor, repeated sightings, of different individuals, now leads us to believe it may be resident. So far it has only been seen at western False Bay off-shore dive sites. If you have seen it, we would like to know where and when. For more details click here.
Added 8 July 2006
Dreadlocks. This unusual hydroid has been seen at various locations on the Atlantic side and False Bay. SURG is trying to establish a more detailed distribution record. For more details click here.
Added 8 July 2006
Pierre's armina. This nudibranch was first photographed by Pierre Niehaus between JJM (Photographer's reef) and the shore. Searches in the area resulted in several more sightings. SURG is trying to establish where else it may have been seen. For more details click here.