A guide to the Sea Slugs of the Maputaland Coast

By Jenny Strömvoll and Georgina Jones

Fascinated by the wonderful sea slugs of the Maputaland Coast but stuck on IDs? A Guide to the Sea Slugs of the Maputaland Coast is designed for easy identification of its many and varied species of sea slugs. There are clear identification images of 356 species seen from Sodwana to southern Mozambique, as well as images of colour and pattern variants, and descriptions of each species. The introduction gives details of sea slug biology, evolutionary history and current classifications for those wanting more background on these amazing animals.

About the authors:

Jenny Strömvoll was born in Sweden and arrived in southern Mozambique in 2010. Here she met her future husband and dive buddy, Rupert Cornelius and began her adventures in exploring the world that lives beneath the waves of the east coast of Africa. These days she is the co-owner, with Rupert, of BackToBasicsAdventures, and daily takes clients diving on the reefs of Ponta do Ouro and Malongane Bay. While underwater she keeps an eye out for interesting and unusual animals and behaviours. She started Project Nudibranch in 2011 and this field guide is the result.

Georgina Jones started diving in Cape Town in 1990, fell in love with the underwater world, and has spent as much time as possible under the ocean since then. The biodiverse waters of the Cape are her main fascination but she finds southern Africa fantastically varied and interesting for diving. She is a member of SURG, wrote and published a field guide to the marine animals of the Cape Peninsula, has designed and runs a Nudi Fundi course and is always on the lookout for undescribed species and new information about the lives of marine animals.

Georgina Jones is a member of SURG and a regular contributor.