South African Sea Slugs

By Terrence Gosliner, Georgina Jones and others

With 26 main authors and contributions from many other divers and photographers, this is the definitive guide to sea slugs for the southern African coastline, which includes everything from temperate, storm-lashed waters in the west, to warm, tropical coral reefs in the east.

About the main authors:
Terrence Gosliner is a world authority on sea slugs, and wrote the predecessor to this book, Nudibranchs of Southern Africa in 1987. He is Senior Curator of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology at the California Academy of Sciences.

Georgina Jones first dived at A-Frame on the western shores of False Bay in 1990. Despite having dived in many different places since then, she remains convinced that the most fascinating place to dive is right where she began! Georgina Jones is a member of SURG and a regular contributor.